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SPATIALinfo, Inc is a software company specializing in developing network asset management solutions for the cable, telecommunications, and utilities industries. Their products are built around industry standard tools and platforms such as the Oracle Spatial database, Google Maps, Silverlight and IIS. The open, services-oriented architecture provides interfaces to legacy BSS/OSS systems and other enterprise applications such as inventory control and work order management. SPATIALinfo products are used to plan, design, build, and manage complex inside plant (ISP) and outside plant (OSP) communications networks.

SPATIALinfo’s headquarters are located in Englewood, Colorado, USA, with a development office in Melbourne, Australia and sales in London, England.


SPATIALinfo was founded in 1981 as a Computer Aided Design (CAD) services company, then called ARC Systems. Early in its history, the company answered the challenge of meeting the complex network facilities management needs of large utility and telecommunication operators.

In the early 1990's the company grew to the point where it delivered the largest working telecommunications outside plant system in the world. The customer was Telstra, Australia's major national telecommunications service provider and network owner.

During the 1990's SPATIALinfo invested significantly in productizing the core components of this telecommunications solution and similar solutions deployed in the electric power, gas and water distribution industries. The company became a world leader in designing and implementing the back-end component of large spatially enabled systems using commercial off-the-shelf relational database technology, in particular Oracle.

After nearly two decades of successful growth in the Asia-Pacific region, SPATIALinfo commenced operations in the USA by opening its Denver, Colorado office in 2000. In 2002 the Denver office became the company's headquarters, and is now the support and development center for North America.


SPATIALinfo's spatialSUITE® of products provides enterprise wide access to timely and accurate network information. This solution is based on a flexible and user-definable information model that tracks everything from physical location to equipment specifications, connectivity, and capacity (e.g., dark fiber). SpatialSUITE supports the entire life cycle of the network - from design through deployment and full operation.


SPATIALinfo's flagship product spatialNET® is built on a CAD platform utilizing an Oracle Spatial database.





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