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I no longer edit regularly, but do return occasionally. I never "watch" pages, so you are unlikely to get a response from me by posting on an article talk page to which I am not actively contributing. Please leave me a message on my Talk page. For urgent issues, please use "Email this user" on the side bar.

List of articles[edit]

Here are some articles which I have worked on in a major way:

Chapter III CourtChiang Kai-shek Memorial HallChinese city wallConstitution of AustraliaCross strait relationsCustoms House, ShanghaiEdamameForbidden CityGeneral Post Office (Sydney)Hanshan TempleHSBC lionsImperial City (Beijing)Inter-State CommissionLingyin TempleLonghua TempleMarkov chain Monte CarloMartin Place, SydneyMikanQilinRed-crowned craneSaint John's University, ShanghaiShanghai Exhibition CentreShanghai French ConcessionShanghai IFCSuzhou RiverThe BundUmeUniversity MedalYamen

Places I've been to[edit]

Places I've been to
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