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The Long and the Short Of It
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About Me[edit]

I'm a Wikipedia lover and have taken advantage of it for research for a long time, but I'm fairly new to the editor role - I joined and began editing in early February 2007. I'm currently a senior in high school near Denver, Colorado, USA, and searching out edits that I can make is a great way to avoid my homework! I'm planning on beginning a degree in computer science at Coe College in the fall, and I'm hoping that college life will provide some much-needed spare time for a number of pursuits, Wikipedia included.

Tea and Knowledge[edit]

The en.Wikipedia Main Page is set as one of my (tabbed) homepages, and each morning, a cup of loosebrew tea in hand, I sit down to read the Featured Article, Did you know..., and On this day... sections before I leave. After all, knowledge is power! Now that I'm registered as a member, I tend to find at least one easy edit to be made on the new articles each day. If every editor improved one of the articles there every day, we'd have a lot more featured articles in no time at all!

How I Wiki[edit]

I'm the rare person that actually delights in learning, and one of my favorite things to do is follow a "breadcrumb path" of links from article to article, checking out things I've never heard of before. Sometimes I do it intentionally, sometimes it just... happens... but I often find myself with five or six different Wikipedia tabs open. At times it seems I'm opening new articles as fast as I can read them!

I'm a WikiGnome, and it's amazing how much the form and function of the article base can be improved by adding a redirect or link here and there, or spending a few minutes working on grammar and punctuation.

My editing interests are wide and varied; I definitely don't restrict myself to any one area. Some of my particular hobbies are military technology, especially submarines and aircraft, as well as rock and roll music and sci-fi literature.

I've created articles on hafting and thermogenic plants, and contributed significantly to articles on everything from "I Am the Walrus" (a song by the Beatles) to "Lisa the Vegetarian" (an episode of The Simpsons) to Lenny Loosejocks (the rather odd, spacefaring Australian game character). I'm particularly proud of my contributions to the article on the ocean sunfish, which I essentially reorganized and referenced.

Future Prospects[edit]

These are articles I am planning to create, or edits I'm planning to make, as soon as I can find the time. Some may be well-explained; others might look like gibberish. That's because this list often acts as a "notepad" for me, where I can stick ideas I have when I'm away from home or busy with another project, and don't have the time to make an edit right away.

Sometimes it seems like I'm adding articles to this list much faster than I'm taking them off - I just love the Special:Random feature too much! I'd appreciate it if you'd give me time to get to them before doing them yourself, but if we've got a similar interest, maybe we can collaborate!

Contact me[edit]

I do my best to respond to posts at my talk page as soon as humanly possible - usually, this means within 24 hours, as I am rarely away from Wikipedia for more than a full day.

If it's urgent, you can also email me through my contact form at Anonomi; however, all Wikipedia business should be conducted at Wikipedia for reasons of verificaiton and recordkeeping, so please treat the email as simply a method of notification, and expand on the actual issue at User talk:PaladinWhite.