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Paleface Jack
Paleface Jack
Paleface Jack head and shoulders shillouuette.tif
Nationality American
Other names Monster Man, Ultimate Terror Productions
Ethnicity Caucasian
Citizenship United States
Years active Unknown-Present
Notable work The Being
Mischief Night (2013 Schenkman film)
The Blackout (2009 film)
Ladrón de Cadáveres
The Aztec Mummy
Demonoid (film)
Bottom Feeder
The Hideous Sun Demon
Earth vs. the Spider (2001 film)
First Man into Space
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
One Dark Night


Paleface Jack full figure silhouette.tif

I am a member of the site Monster Archives, and am the creator of the site Legend of Jack a creative writing site where people can post site on a creature known as Jack which is based on Jack the Ripper. I am currently working on becoming a film director as well as a game developer. I mostly focus on creating and/or expanding articles on film but I have been known to work on other articles on occasion.


My philosophy is that every article, no matter how insignificant, should be expanded to its full capacity. As such, when I find a stub article, or one that is otherwise incomplete I do my best to expand the article or if not I try to call attention to it by posting the appropriate tags to the article.That is not to say that I expand every article, only ones that fit my areas of expertise.

Articles Created[edit]

Articles Expanded upon[edit]

Current Article Projects[edit]

  • Leatherface- Collaborative Expansion (anyone who is willing to help please let me know)
  • Judge Holden- Collaborative Expansion (anyone who is willing to help please let me know)


These are current drafts that I have created either recently or in the past. Some are for revising and expanding articles that already exist on Wikipiedia, while others are new articles yet to be published. Sometimes I work on them and sometimes I don't but anyone who wants to work on them is free to do so.