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A daydream spills from my corked head, and breaks free of my wooden neck, left to nod over sleeping waves. Like bobbing bait for bathing cod, floating flocks of candled swans slowly drift across wax ponds. Don't you know that those watermelon smiles just can't ripen underwater? I can't prove this makes any sense but I sure hope that it does. Perhaps I was born with curiosity, the likes of those of old crows. The piano knows something I don't know...

Welcome to the user page of Panic!out! Either that was utter nonsense, nonsensical and incapable of being understood, or it is a work of creative art, and a masterpiece.

I am in high school and I live on a continent, in a country, and guess what? even a city! (I can be in three places at once!) I am particularly interested in poetry, creative writing, sketching, and softball. (I am a pitcher and a firstbaseman.) I'm also into music and I like most genres, pop, rock, punk, dance, ska, some hip-hop, and R&B. I cannot stand metal or reggae. My favorite artists are Panic at the Disco and the Beatles, so I tend to float around these pages for that reason. I also am a huge fan of C.S. Lewis and Jane Austen - "Pride and Prejudice" and "The Chronicles of Narnia" series are some of my favorite books and films. (I have many.) My all-time favorite movie is "Pirates of the Caribbean". I am also currently working on the beginnings of my fantasy story, which I hope will get published someday...♥

My two all-time favorite books are the Twilight series and the Books of Pellinor series.

I like to edit grammar and remove vandalism, and occasionally add info that has not been added to pages yet. I have significantly improved several of the Panic at the Disco pages particularly.

Secretly, I am a Pirate (NOT a ninja) who has a pet Griffin and is best friends with a Centaur. (Alice from Alice in Wonderland is my cousin. We have an uncanny resemblance.) In my spare time (that means when I'm not raiding or pillaging) I bury my broken nose in philosophy. My favorite phrase is "Confounded Poker Chips!!!!"

Sheepish wolves - looking lived in eating buttons, wink! Just don't put your teeth on me.

In the News[edit]

The Twilight movie comes out November 21st!!! YAY!!!

Favorite Quotes[edit]

Pages I've Created[edit]

Pages to Be Created by Me[edit]

  • The Shadow of the Bear
  • Black as Night
  • The Fairy Tale Novels

What I'm Reading[edit]

Last updated on: 16:06, 20 May 2008 (UTC)

If you would like to discuss books, do so on my talk page. To see other lists, see the Interests section at the top of this page.

Picture of the Week[edit]

Honda civic tour panic.jpg

I went to the Anaheim show of the Honda Civic Tour 2008. If you ever have the opportunity to see Panic at the Disco live, seize it. They are the best live band I have ever seen. They and the show were amazing.

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I am a new member of the Novels WikiProject! I have joined because I have a keen interest in novels, novellas, novelettes and short stories, articles about the works themselves and the forms and genres. I am new, so please try and help me as much as you can.


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