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Hi guys

User Panyd hiding her freakish cat-body from the world

I genuinely don't know what to write on these things. Hello!? I like wiki-gnoming, admin-gnoming, and adding sources to unsourced BLPs. I also love the paranormal and wish the coverage on the encyclopaedia wasn't either quashed by people who think it has no cultural merit, or taken over by people who believe it's real.

I have access to Lexis Nexis and JSTOR and will happily help people who would like to get sources from them. I love DYK and I think the slow death it's dying needs halting immediately.

People don't come across me too much, which has its advantages as I despise wiki-drama but I am happy to don the dreaded 'civility police' uniform. I believe enforcing civility is the opposite of restrictive, as it allows everyone, especially the minorities on this project, to work together without fear of hostilities. The more people who are welcomed aboard, the more content we can create together!

So if you need help with any spills that need mopping up, do feel free to say hello.

DISCLAIMER - I am currently employed by Jimmy Wales. You can see my work account at User:Fiona Apps (work). This is my volunteer account, not associated with work, and any edits made on this account do not reflect any views held by my employer. For anyone worrying about any conflicts of interest in my editing, the general overview of my edits can be described as: page protection, a slight obsession with the paranormal, DYK gnoming and attempting to chip away at the unreferenced BLP backlog, which is huge. You should help.

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