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The Shrieking Pits are an area of purported paranormal activity in Aylmerton, Norfolk.

The areas around Aylmerton, Weybourne and Beeston Regis contain a large number of circular pits.[1] These are thought to be the remains of prehistoric settlements, as physical features of the mounds closely resemble the sunken structures of that time.[2] Similar pits can been seen by the ruins of the priory built in early 13th century.[3]

It was originally believed that fairies lived inside of the mounds, which subsequently became the pits of today, and that it is they who are making the noise, trying to find their dwellings.[4] However in modern times the pits are thought to be haunted by the ghost of a shrieking white figure.[1] Skeptics have noted that mist and bird-song may well be the source of the phenomenon.[1]

In spite of this, the origin of the idea of paranormal phenomenon being located in the area may be traced back to Wayland Wood, which was the historical birth-place of the Babes in the Wood story. [4]


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