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In the Land of Enki[edit]

"His word can bring order where there had been only chaos and introduce disorder where there had been harmony."

—Samuel Kramer and John Maier, Myths of Enki, the Crafty God, Oxford, 1989
(and as quoted by Neal Stephenson in Snow Crash)

As a programmer I'm used to the idea of calling things into form with esoteric languages, but I'm struck that here in the wikiworld our conversations, arguments and agreements are as much a part of the living creation as the tools we wield. An encyclopedia (or a hammer, for that matter) has its own existence—and some understanding of its makers can be deduced from it—but Wikimedia projects are deeply human artifacts. It's an extraordinary creation.


Some time ago I had a hand in reworking these templates:


I hereby award you this "scenic barnstar" for all your fine contributions to the Wikiproject Protected Areas and the excellent improvements you have made there. --MONGO 21:29, 31 October 2005 (UTC)
I award this barnstar to Papayoung for his efforts in developing the protected area infobox.
— Eoghanacht talk 16:26, 1 November 2005 (UTC)