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Do not vandalize any of the account pages created by Paperfork. If you do, your edits will be reverted, and an admin or two will be alerted.

Committed identity: 0af52ba1d3698ae747e9c702eba87927b72631d68d72605a38b1a8fdd916df025a5ffc6c8aca20a16591605b331adbab6df4df951599e7655e73cf5dc42c842b is a SHA-1 commitment to this user's real-life identity.

02:41 25 November 2017

list of misspellings

Im ot cnipah rivihtaw, llaw ma i. Igrahc ot ton ci kata vu nalp ym, ditafid ibton dna dnatc ylpmis ot tub. Ivon ton ciod law a ca rof, niamir i lahc oc, kic ohw la ot igufir gnirifo. Drol iht morf cimoc htgnirts ym.

Paperfork's sandbox

My purpose in joining[edit]

I enjoy learning very much. I have created an account to enable Wikipedia to be changed for the better.

Template shortcuts[edit]

Use this to color your writing: <span style="color:insert color">your text here</span> Example: <span style="color:purple">purple text</span>

This will give you: purple text

Another way to do this is: <font color="insert color">your text here</font> This is the only way it will work if you are trying to color your signature.

Ambox template:

{{ambox | type = insert type | small = insert position | image = [[Image:image name.svg|#px|alt=]] | smallimage = [[Image:image name.svg|#px|alt=]] | textstyle = color: insert color; font-weight: insert font weight; font-style: insert font style; | text = Text for a big box, for the top of articles. | smalltext = Text for the top of article sections. }}

Here's an example: {{ambox | type = style | small = left | image = [[Image:Emblem-question-yellow.svg|40px|alt=Question mark]] | smallimage = [[Image:Emblem-question-yellow.svg|20px|alt=Question mark]] | textstyle = color: red; font-weight: bold; font-style: italic; | text = Text for a big box, for the top of articles. | smalltext = Text for the top of article sections. }}

This will give you:

There are other variations of this here.

Smiling is another thing you can do. This is sort of like a reward. Here is the text you need:

<div style="border-style:solid; border-color:blue; background-color:AliceBlue; border-width:1px; text-align:left; padding:8px;" class="plainlinks">[[Image:Smiley.svg|left|62px]] '''Hello user.''', user has smiled at you! Smiles promote [[Wikipedia:WikiLove|WikiLove]] and hopefully this one has made your day better. Spread the [[Wikipedia:WikiLove|WikiLove]] by smiling at someone else, whether it be someone you have had disagreements with in the past or a good friend. Go on, smile! Cheers, and happy editing! <br /> <small>''Smile at others by adding {{tls|Smile}} to their talk page with a friendly message.''</small> </div><!-- Template:Smile -->

Fortuantely for you, you do not have to remember all that. You can simply type "{{subst:smile}}," and that will automatically come up. you will see: except the name of the person you are smiling at will appear instead of mine.

You can also send cookies ({{subst:cookie}}).

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