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Welcome to the Land of Confusion[edit]

A Paradox May Be Paradoctored.

In the years to come, expect contributions in these areas:

The twin paradox[edit]

mesons are clearly a suitable substitute for brothers

If you need facts checked about the twin paradox (literature), or want a copy of a hard-to-get source, don't hesitate to contact me.

The Literature[edit]

Fashioning articles is the goal. But this tends to overlook the fundamental value added by an encyclopedia through its encyclopedic research (ER (is) not OR). Collecting bibliographic information, and reviewing the quality of the sources establishes the factual basis from which articles derive their utility. The use or non-use of statements in the article is determined by the result of encyclopedic research. Consensus (other than that on WP:V) is secondary to that. NPOV is determined from the literature, anything else is madness. Notability is an arbitrary cutoff for pragmatical reasons. Many, if not most notability discussions are moot when viewed from WP:V.

What is the first step in writing an article about X? Finding the literature on X. This means that every article needs a comprehensive commented bibliography. The rest of the article should follow mechanically.


No, I am not related in any way to ParaDoctor - Psychic to the stars. Arrgghh!

Random wikquotes[edit]

Yeah, why free for workers?[edit]

Why free for workers?

I don't accept the Wikimedia/Wikipedia project as the educator's starvation. It has to be discussed, before anything. The knowledge free for everyone, ok. But must the price be no-pay teachers, professors, writers, educators, experts? Yesterday was the Worker day, and the Wikimedia gift for workers in EDUCATION should be payment. If not, the rising "knowledge society" or "information society" will promote a "Wealth of Educations", but also the "misery for educators".

The Wikifoundation has million and million dollars for too several things, but for users? Users support the Wikimedia, it's deeply reasonable to pay who MAKES the Wikifoundation projects, like Wikipedia. This subject is also about License, that means also Copyrights. PAY AUTHORS NOW!!!

— Camillo Cavalcanti 23:29, 2 May 2009 (UTC), found on Meta

The World and Wikipedia by Andrew Dalby[edit]

With encyclopedic modesty Pliny has named his sources; but; with the insouciance of a second-rate Wikipedian, he provides no inline citations.
— chapter 2 Where it came from, page 20


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Bragging or self-incrimination?[edit]

Z wie ...[edit]