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παράδοξος (中文: 悖论) (English: paradoxos) (Español: paradoja) (हिंदी:असत्याभास) ( إنجليزي:إِشْكال) (日本語: 逆説) (Français: paradoxe) (한국어: 역설) (Italiano: paradosso) ( (born 1964) is merely human and merely male.


Early Years[edit]

Born. Raised. Lived. Loved. Lost.

Later Years[edit]

Lived. Loved. Lost. Will die.

Career: Chronology[edit]

1978 to Present


> 6th Grade


At least one.



Current article contributions[edit]

Ethnographies and Regional[edit]

Alaska Natives; Kobuk River;


Ahmed Shah Massoud, The Lion of Panjshir.

Philosophy, Religion, History, and Politics[edit]


To Do List[edit]

Alutiiq; Cup'ik aka Qissunamiut People from Old Chevak; Ounalaska Native Corporation; Maniilaq Association; Stebbins, Alaska; Chevak, Alaska; Hooper Bay, Alaska; Emmonak, Alaska; King Cove, Alaska; King Salmon, Alaska; Egegik, Alaska; Tyonek, Alaska; Alexander Creek, Alaska; St. Paul, Alaska; Nikolski, Alaska; Katmai National Park and Preserve; Susitna River; Military Parlance; Western Arctic Caribou Herd;

Wikipedia favorites[edit]


秦始皇帝 (Chin Shi Huang Di); The Blessed Hildegard von Bingen; Jeanne d'Arc; Queen Elizabeth I; John Brown; 中山 (Sun Yat-sen or Zhongshan); 杉原千畝 (Sugihara); Oscar Shindler; Ernst Mayr; 佐々木 禎子 (Sadako); Martin Luther King Jr.; גּוֹלְדָּה מֵאִיר (Golda Meir); Thurgood Marshal; Nelson Mandela; Stephen Bantu Biko; Roibeard Gearóid Ó Seachnasaigh (Bobby Sands); William Jefferson Clinton; Robert Reich; Colin Powell; احمد شاه مسعود‎ (The Lion of Panjshir -- Ahmed Shah Massoud); Condoleezza (Dr. Rice); Lisa Gerrard; Oumou Sangaré; Sergeant Connie Charlton; Major Tammy Duckworth


Aleutian Islands; Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles; Charleston, South Carolina; Edmonton, Canada; 平戸 (Hirado, Japan); Jasper, Alberta; Katmai; Napoli, Italia; 桜島火山 (Sakurajima or Cherry Blossom Volcano); 島原 (Shimabara, Japan); Sydney, Australia; Yap


Secular Humanism



בבל (Babel), interpreted by Genesis 11:9 to mean "confusion", from the verb balal, "to confuse".


Profit is unfair.
Keep your laws off my body.
Everyone teaches someone who learns.
We are no better than Them, just different.
If a transaction is fair, then there is no profit.
Lady Justice is blindfolded -- gold makes her blind.
HagermanBot sets a bad precedence and compromises editorial autonomy.
If I violate Wikipedia's Core Principles, then I need to fix it -- just let me know.
If bearing offspring is biologically expensive, then why do males die so young?
Poverty and addiction are not real choices -- no one chooses to be poor or addicted.
Just because my lips are moving does not mean I am lying.
Let me understand what makes a man hate another man.[1]
My genitals were mutilated as an infant, I had no choice.
Traditional Knowledge is an oral tradition and scientific.
Turning a profit during a transaction is a choice.
Everything counts in large amounts.[2]
Oral traditions are meaningful.
Poverty is fair.


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