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Major turn-ons: Freedom of speech, Communism, Science and Technology, Transhumanism, Mathematics, Debate, Palm handhelds, Hentai.


Long future, especially the first reference [1].

Start Timeline of the future in forecasts similar to Timeline of fictional future events. It should not be chronological, because we can't integrate forecasts from different authors. It should be probably split into several distinct fields, with entries in each field sorted according to complexity, closeness, not specific chronological estimates (still, it can be tried). However, each entry should be accompanies by different forecasted dates (by various authors). Only predictions and forecasts from acclaimed sources should be included, or at least that should be the goal. While the sequence of developments may be to some extent done by us, the predicted dates/periods should be taken from respected authors and organisations (it's not a problem if some of them conflict with each other).

Alternatively, make an article on famous predictions.

Nostradamus, End of the world, Overpopulation, Precognition, Futurama (animated series), Cyberpunk, Prediction, 21st century, Timeline of fictional historical events, Futurology, 22nd century, Futures markets.


Check out Futurism.


Google search, especially [2], [3], [4], [5], [6].


Create cheating and read/contribute to Plagiarism.

US interventions[edit]

List of U.S. foreign interventions since 1945

Game engines[edit]


Warez, Intellectual property education, User:Gingekerr/Intellectual Property Essay


History of computer hardware in communist countries make NPOV.

Source engine

Category:Graphical Timelines, Space Race

Aggression, [7], [8]

Songbird, [9], [10]

Bipedal locomotion, Biped, [11]

Communism - add history of formations


Check that File:Anime Girl Icon 1.png and File:Anime Girl Icon 2.png are restored on Commons.

User:Paranoid/Timelines - generation of timelines for Future Wiki

Todo: WP из events перенести события в events и в polish september war (хотя бы линк)