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Parihav's Userpage

Personal Information[edit]


I was born in London, UK and now reside in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada.

Have lived in: Flag of the United Kingdom.svg, Flag of Canada.svg ( Flag of Toronto, Canada.svg, , Flag of Ontario.svg ), ( NonFreeImageRemoved.svg,‎ Flag of Saskatchewan.svg )

Have been to (and would like to visit again): Flag of India.svg, Flag of Uganda.svg, Flag of Kenya.svg, Flag of the United States.svg, Flag of Alberta.svg, Flag of British Columbia.svg,
Have transitted at: Flag of the United States.svg, Flag of Alberta.svg, Flag of Manitoba.svg
Would like to visit: Flag of Russia.svg, Flag of Kazakhstan.svg, Flag of New Zealand.svg, Flag of Latvia.svg, Flag of Lithuania.svg, Flag of Estonia.svg, Flag of Tunisia.svg, Flag of Iceland.svg, Flag of Brazil.svg, Flag of Argentina.svg, Flag of Namibia.svg, Flag of Mauritius.svg

Pages that I have Created[edit]

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India Zindabad!
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