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The following is a comparison of some cloud computing software and providers. A more comprehensive list can be found at the foot of this page.

General information[edit]

Software Initial release date License(s) Written in As a service Local installations
fluid Operations 2009-03-01 Proprietary Java, C Yes  ?
AppScale[1] 2009-03-07 BSD License Python, Ruby, Go Yes Yes
Cloud Foundry 2011-04-12 Apache License Ruby, C, Java, Go Yes Yes[2] 2010-05-04 Apache license Java, C Yes Yes
Eucalyptus[3] 2008-05-29 Proprietary, GPL v3 Java, C Yes Yes
Flexiant Limited[4] 2007-01-15 Proprietary software Java, C Yes Yes
Nimbus 2009-01-09 Apache License Java, Python Yes Yes
OpenNebula[5] 2008-03-?? Apache License C++, C, Ruby, Java, Shell script, lex, yacc Yes Yes
OpenQRM[6] 2008-03-?? GPL License C++, PHP, Shell script Yes Yes
OpenShift[7] 2011-05-04 Apache License Ruby Yes Yes
OpenStack[8] 2010-10-21 Apache License Python Yes Yes
OnApp 2010-07-01 Proprietary Java, Ruby, C++ Yes Yes
OVirt 2012-08-09 Apache License Java, Python  ? Yes
Jelastic 2011-01-27 GPL License, Apache License, BSD License Java, JavaScript, Perl, Shell script Yes Yes

Supported Hosts[edit]

(what the cloud software runs on)

Software Linux Windows Bare Metal
fluid Operations Yes Yes No
AppScale  ?  ?  ?
Cloud Foundry Yes No No / CloudStack Yes  ? Yes
Eucalyptus Yes  ? Yes[9]
Flexiant Limited No Yes Yes
Nimbus  ?  ?  ?
OpenNebula Yes  ? No
OpenQRM Yes No No
OpenShift Yes No Yes
OpenStack Yes Yes Yes
OnApp Yes No Yes
OVirt Yes No No

Supported Clients[edit]

(what the cloud software will run as a virtual instance)

Software Linux Windows VMware Xen KVM VirtualBox Other
fluid Operations Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
AppScale  ?  ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cloud Foundry Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes / CloudStack Yes Yes[10] Yes Yes Yes Yes
Eucalyptus Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  ? Any guest OS supported by Xen, KVM, or VMWare
Flexiant Limited Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes FreeBSD
Nimbus  ?  ?  ? Yes Yes  ?
OpenNebula Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Any guest OS supported by Xen, KVM, or VMWare
OpenQRM Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
OpenShift Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
OpenStack Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  ?
OnApp Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No JumpBox, FreeBSD
Jelastic  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Parallels Virtuozzo Containers


PaaS providers which can run on IaaS providers ("itself" means the provider is both PaaS and IaaS):

Software Amazon EC2 Rackspace GoGrid Other
fluid Operations  ?  ?  ?
AppScale Yes  ?  ?
Cloud Foundry Yes  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? itself
Eucalyptus  ?  ?  ? itself
Flexiant Limited  ?  ?  ? Itself
Nimbus  ?  ?  ? itself
OpenNebula  ?  ?  ? itself
OpenQRM  ?  ?  ? itself
OpenShift Yes  ?  ?
OpenStack Yes Yes Yes
OnApp  ?  ?  ? itself

PaaS pricing comparison of hosting services:

Provider Free tier Free trial Price per month Bandwidth limits
AppHarbor Yes (1 worker) Unlimited 49$ 2 workers, 200$ 4 workers  ?
Heroku Yes (1 worker) Unlimited 35$ 2 workers - 827$ 24 workers  ?
OpenShift Yes (3 small gears) Unlimited $42 ($0.05/hr per small gear, $0.12/hr per medium gear, up to 16 gears)  ?


Software Failover OCCI vCloud S3
fluid Operations No No Yes No
AppScale No  ?  ? Yes
Cloud Foundry No No Yes No / CloudStack Partial  ?  ?  ?
Eucalyptus No  ?  ? Yes
Flexiant Limited Yes No Yes No
Nimbus No  ?  ?  ?
OpenNebula Partial Yes Yes No
OpenQRM Yes Yes  ?  ?
OpenShift No No No No
OpenStack No Yes  ? Yes
OnApp Yes No No No

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