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Parradoxx is the username for Bret Greenwood. Mr. Greenwood is currently a convenience store worker, second shift. He resigned in August, 2015, after fifteen years as Communications Specialist with Topeka Public Schools [TPS], USD 501 in Topeka, Kansas. He became a registered user on October 9, 2006, with the primary goal of contributing and editing articles related to TPS places, history and alumni. Since resigning, he has not spent much time editing Wikipedia, but is a frequent user.

Stream of Interests[edit]

  • Parradoxx is a closet sociologist, with a strong working knowledge of Myers-Briggs personality traits.
  • Parradoxx is highly interested in issues of Constitutional Sovereignty and current corruption thereof.
  • Parradoxx has determined he is not a taxpayer.
  • Parradoxx is not a "citizen" of the corporation known as the UNITED STATES, nor subject to its jurisdiction.
  • Parradoxx has an affinity for machines and technology, particularly computers.
  • Parradoxx started programming TRS-80's in junior high.
  • Parradoxx is mac-fluent, pc-proficient.
  • Parradoxx is writing a PHP-based CMS.
  • Parradoxx gets The Long Tail.
  • Parradoxx often spends evenings playing EVE Online, Minecraft, or Combat Arms.
  • Parradoxx has a BFA in graphic design.
  • Parradoxx' work with the school district was primarily design of district-level publications.
  • Parradoxx 'worked in a vacuum' for so long, that he burned out on the design profession.
  • Parradoxx enjoys the outdoors and being off-the-grid.
  • Parradoxx has been on the board for the Kaw Valley Bicycling Club, and remains a lifetime member.
  • Parradoxx wants to build a castle from native limestone.
  • Parradoxx camps in winter.
  • Parradoxx is a Christian and seeks to become more Christ-like.
  • Parradoxx is active in his church, and in non-affiliated independent Bible study(s).
  • Parradoxx enjoys a variety of music, particularly ambient.
  • Parradoxx does not do Country Music, but is learning to square dance.
  • Parradoxx has a keen interest in Emergency Management/Emergency Services.
  • Parradoxx has been a county-wide CERT member.
  • Parradoxx has been a certified CERT instructor.
  • Parradoxx trained for EMT-B, passed the boards, but never took the written exam.