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About me

Hello. I'm a bit of a hotch-potch of things really. A cyclist. A television cameraman. A person with a keen interest in local history. A music lover. An amateur piano player and an artist.
My image contributions to Wikipedia may be found here. For an example of some of the material I shoot, see the Rugby footage here.

More detailed gubbins about me may be found here

I enjoy editing Wikipedia mainly because it's a learning experience—as one edits, one learns about the subject he is editing. For me this is particularly true with local history, and hence many of my edits are related to the history of what is now Greater Manchester - particularly the Irwell Valley. If there is one thing that annoys me about Wikipedia it is the number of articles that are poorly referenced, or not referenced at all. Many of the edits that I make concentrate on this failing.

I'm one of the primary contributors to the article on Nick Griffin. Normally I wouldn't make a fuss, but in this instance I feel I should point out to those who might assume that I have some interest in supporting Mr Griffin, that I find the man, and his odious views, to be quite repulsive. I do however believe that such topics are where Wikipedia can shine—by presenting the most neutral and informative articles that the internet has to offer. I want people to be able to come to Wikipedia, read an article, and feel that they've been allowed to form their own opinions on whatever it is they're interested in. 175,000 page views over two days would suggest that improving this article may have been a good thing. To those who come here suggesting that I have not been critical enough of Griffin, I suggest they have a sit down and read the pages and pages and pages and pages of reviews where we have, collaboratively, attempted to remove any trace of bias whatsoever. You can't keep everyone happy, but I choose to let the facts speak for themselves.

As well as my line of work I'm a keen photographer, and enjoy adding images to articles, where possible. If you need a photograph of something in the Manchester area, please feel free to drop me a line.


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