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Hi, welcome to my user page. I go by the pseudonym Parsa as my username just about everywhere.

I have a wide range of interests, and since I'm an educator, Wikipedia gives me a good outlet for teaching myself and helping others. I have a degree in physics and astronomy. I have many interests and am an ardent, life-long autodidact. I have interests in art, printmaking, papermaking, astronomy, religion, transportation history and archeology, cartography, electronic music and synthesizer electronics.

Articles of Interest[edit]

Articles I initiated[edit]

Articles I'm working on[edit]

Articles I'd like to work on[edit]

  • Hanafuda - I'd like to work on this article to add photos, correct grammar, and add content. As an artist, I'm particularly interested in the symbolism of the cards and how it relates to Japanese and Chinese cultural imagery.
  • The Baha'i Faith and Babism - There are several stub articles in this category I'd like to work on, especially those related to Baha'i history. One that I'm particularly looking at is the article on the Conference of Badasht. It seems way too sketchy, and gives an incomplete picture of the event.
  • Various articles in the U.S. Highways WikiProject, especially U.S. Route 80 and several of the auto trails.

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Wikipedia:Template_messages/Disputes - Dispute template messages.

Commons:Category:Highway_shield_blanks - Highway shield blanks in scalable SVG

Wikipedia:WikiProject_Ancient_Egypt - Ancient Egypt project

My Websites[edit]

Parsa's Virtual Route 66 Roadtrip

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