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Shibaricon is an annual Chicagoland Memorial Day weekend convention that bills itself as the "Premier annual educational rope bondage conference". The name comes from shibari, a term for Japanese bondage, and con, the suffix commonly used to denote a conference or convention.

The first Shibaricon was held at the Holiday Inn O'Hare International in Chicago, May 28-31, 2004. The event drew almost 300 attendees, instructors, and vendors. Over 80 classes and workshops were held covering Japanese and western rope bondage techniques and related BDSM practices such as mummification, flogging, play piercing, and bondage photography. Evening entertainment included a fetish fashion show, a showing of Dominatrix Waitrix, a dominatrix-comedian, a bondage competition, and three play parties.

Shibaricon 2005 was held May 27-30, at the Holiday Inn Select in Naperville. The format broadly followed that of the previous event, however there were some changes. A sixth parallel track on bottoming was added. There were fewer classes per track, per day, however the classes were longer.

Shibaricon 2006 was held May 26-29, at the Purple Hotel in Lincolnwood. One change from previous years was the addition of a free practice area where attendees could experiment with techniques they had learned in class.

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