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Turabo University at Gurabo Category:University of Turabo
Bud Phillips Category:University of Virginia's College at Wise alumni
Jacques-Joseph Haus Category:University of Wurzburg alumni
The Shipwrecks Category:Unsigned artist
Millennium Star Atlas Category:Uranography
KZRB Category:Urban Contemporary radio stations in the United States
LoftLife (magazine) Category:Urban Shelter magazines
Thomas J. Hennen Category:Urbana University alumni
Stadionul Tineretului (Urziceni) Category:Urziceni
Usability Sciences Category:User Experience
General Zuazua (municipality) Category:Valle del Carrizal
Value chain Category:Value chain
Neil Stiles Category:Variety
Roselle Park Conquistadors Category:Vestal, New York
Sonja Mandt-Bartholsen Category:Vestfold University College alumni
Appeal for Courage Category:Veterans' organizations in favor of the Iraq war
Brantôme, Dordogne Category:Via Lemovicensis
Mirambeau, Charente-Maritime Category:Via Turonensis
ICU Global Category:Video Conferencing
Harry F. Olson Category:Video engineers
Nhat Tu Category:Vietnamese Buddhist teachers
Quoc-Bao Category:Vietnamese guitarists
Rod calculus Category:Vietnamese mathematics
Le Hoang Category:Vietnamese screenwriters
Tololoche Category:Viols
United States Virgin Islands Police Department Category:Virgin Islands territorial agencies
Don Cozzetto Category:Virginia Polytechnic Institute alumni
James E. Cheek Category:Virginia Union University faculty
Bijania Category:Vishvakarma clans
DEVS Category:Visual modeling
Community college (Malaysia) Category:Vocational and technical institutions in Malaysia
Ultimat Vodka Category:Vodka
SpeechWeb Category:Voice application
Lucius Volusius Maecianus Category:Volusii
Kathia Baba Category:Vraja people
CS Building Vânju Mare Category:Vânju Mare
Alden Thompson Category:Walla Walla University faculty