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I am an user that mainly edits/reads finnish wikipedia.

What links here[edit]

What links here results and links inside templates (archived)

"If you had a Template:Sweden, you could create a page Template:Sweden/Västerås, and in that page do a redirect to Västerås. There is no need to create a new namespace. All other swedish cities in the fictious template would also have a redirect-page under the Template:Sweden, like Template:Sweden/Stockholm, Template:Sweden/Gothenburg. Links to the redirect-pages would be used in template and What links here-function would work properly. Maybe I will test this somewhere. Or someone could test this"

I tested this on my computer with Turnkey Wikipedia running inside a Linux virtual machine. Works. Create a template, make redirecting pages in Template namespace under the template, redirect to actual articles. Fictional example: Template:Sweden, redirect pages: Template:Sweden/Stockholm, Template:Sweden/Gothenburg, Template:Sweden/Västerås. Use the Template:Sweden/Stockholm, Template:Sweden/Gothenburg, Template:Sweden/Västerås -links inside the Template:Sweden.--Pasixxxx (talk) 14:30, 13 April 2011 (UTC)

Flag of Finland.svg This user lives in Finland.