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Hello, my name is Passengerpigeon. I have been editing Wikipedia since October 2012, although my activity levels have not been constant, especially during the months between December 2012 and March 2014. New page patrolling (see my CSD and PROD logs) and recent changes patrolling makes up by far the majority of my edits, although I sometimes write stubs about topics that interest me, such as Massif des Brasses and Acer tutcheri (in 2 languages). I also occasionally do other tasks, such as creating redirects, fixing errors that I come across while reading the encyclopedia, and creating templates such as {{Welcome-delete}}.

Cross-wiki edits[edit]

The majority of my edits are made on the English Wikipedia. However, I also occasionally contribute to the following projects:

  • Simple English Wikipedia
  • French Wikipedia
  • Spanish Wikipedia

I have also made a few edits on the English Wiktionary, English Wikivoyage and Meta-Wiki, but am not a regular contributor. If you see me editing any wiki other than the ones above, I am probably cleaning up cross-wiki vandalism or running after a spambot.

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