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Passionate Ben[edit]


Passionate Ben (born April 13th, 1975) is the pen name for American writer, podcast radio show host, human sexuality and relationship researcher and online dating expert who goes by Passionate Ben.

Born and raised in a small northern Wisconsin town, by a single mother after being abandoned by his birth father within six months of his birth.

Ben created the first ever audio blog on MySpace [2] and the diverse podcast topics targeted for women ranged from relationship, dating, online dating, BDSM, and sex advice for women. Various guest women speakers that appeared on his show were a single mother of three turned professional Dominatrix, published erotic novel authors and the men's nude magazine publisher of Suite Magazine [3].

Ben's audio blog at its high point had women subscribers in 42 different countries around the world in 2006.

To become a human dating guinea pig Ben jumped all in and he joined and was on over 39 different online dating sites stretching over a 2 ½ year intense research period. He methodically studied, recorded and viewed over 500,000 different male and female profiles to see what worked the best and what didn't for both males and females.

Ben personally interacted and talked with over 20,000 women from around the world by email, phone, instant messaging, texting, dating site messaging systems, webcam and in-person meetings. The age ranges of these women were from 18-60 and of every type of physical appearance and nationality.

This brief biography has been excerpted from [4] Passionate Ben's now inactive media website.