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The face of the Prague astronomical clock in the Old Town Square of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The dial takes the form of a mechanical astrolabe, a device used in medieval astronomy, and represents the standing Earth and sky; surrounding it are four moving components: the zodiacal ring, an outer rotating ring, an icon representing the Sun, and an icon representing the Moon. The clock was installed in 1410 by clockmakers Mikuláš of Kadaň and Jan Šindel.

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I live in Sussex and enjoy editing on this project both to add content and to try and keep it as accurate as possible. My 10,000 edit (including deleted edits) was [1].

Pages I have created[edit]

For a complete list of articles I have created please see User:Paste/created but it's around 200 articles.

Some of the photos that I have contributed[edit]

These can be seen at :- User:Paste/photos created


enANY This user is pro-choice for different types of English and is against the Americanization of Wikipedia.

On the whole if it's a British topic, I think that it's only right and proper that we use British English, but I would always respect U.S. topics by using U.S. English there. This is in-keeping with current guidelines. I hope that other contributors will also respect the guidelines and refrain from "fixing" the variant of English without having a valid reason for doing so.

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