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I am a huge dinosaur. Not gonna lie. I thought I was a human. Grew up in a normal school. Worked with children. But then my mom decided to tell me that I'm a PatTarasaurus. LIKE WHAT.

So yeah. Here I am, typing because that's what I was taught to do. Thank you for reading this.

You may donate to the Lost Our Sense of Easy Reality (LOSER) center, and we will do our best to help dinos that believe they are humans as soon as we find them.

Thank you for your interest.


No one has donated to us. Curse all of you. You know, dinosaurs deserve just as much respect as cancer patients.

Fun Facts with a Dino!

1. My aunt and uncle named me! 2. My strong suit is in math.. if only I could press one button on the calculator at a time instead of twelve, I think I would enjoy it much more. 3. I am horrible at science fiction writing. I know, I should be the best, but that is certainly NOT the case. 4. I have a boyfriend. Yes, EVEN DINOSAURS CAN HAVE BOYFRIENDS, YOU RACIST JERK. 5. Ask me questions and I'll have more things to talk about.


The boyfriend I used to have has now been eaten by an active volcano. After all, we DO live in the "Dinosaur Age."

Since wikipedia very meanly deleted my edit to Dill, I shall make it here. Later.