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The Norliss Tapes
Directed by Dan Curtis
Written by William F. Nolan
Fred Mustard Stewart
Starring Roy Thinnes
Angie Dickenson
Claude Akins
Don Porter
Music by Bob Cobert
Distributed by NBC
Release date
February 21, 1973
Running time
72 min
Country United States

The Norliss Tapes is a made-for-television horror film produced and directed by Dan Curtis, and starring Roy Thinnes, Angie Dickenson, Don Porter, Claude Akins, and Michelle Carey. It originally aired on NBC in 1973.


San Francisco based writer David Norliss (Thinnes) goes missing after a phone call to his publisher Stanford Evans (Porter) stating he cannot finish his latest book about the supernatural because it has become too dangerous. Evans goes to his home to find it abandoned and unlocked, with only a set of audio cassettes containing Norliss's research notes as a clue. Recently widowed Ellen Sterns Cort (Dickenson) tells Norliss a story of finding her dead husband James, now apparently undead, in his boarded up sculpting studio late one night. After killing the family dog and taking a shotgun blast to the chest, he disappears before police arrive. Ellen recounts that her husband had dabbled in the occult in an attempt to extend his life, and had gotten involved with a dark magic priestess and an art dealer in an attempt to acquire a life extending ring.