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As a professional freelance journalist, I'm working for free daily newspaper since 15 yrs. As a Wikipedian, I'm interested in all military issues, especially warships though I used to serve as a NCO in French Army.

I used to live as an expatriate in Zaire, Mauritania, Algeria, United Kingdom, Germany, Morocco and Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and I'm currently residing in semi-retirement in Gran Canaria as well as in Languedoc-Roussillon, my legal residence.

Unrelated to Fran Rogel, Steven Rogel, En-rogel nor various Rogelio.


Featured article at French Wiki Fairytale bookmark gold.png, translated by Rama below[edit]

Mistral class amphibious assault ship (English Digest)

The Mistral in Toulon harbour

The Mistral class is a class of two amphibious assault ships, also known as a helicopter carrier, of the French Navy. Referred to as "projection and command ships" (bâtiments de projection et de commandement or BPC), a Mistral class ship is capable of transporting and deploying 16 NH90 or Tigre helicopters, four landing barges, up to 70 vehicles including 13 Leclerc tanks, or a 40-strong Leclerc tank battalion, and 450 soldiers. The ships are both equipped with a 69-bed hospital, and are capable of serving as part of a NATO Response Force, or with United Nations or European Union peace-keeping forces.

Two ships of the class are in service in the French Navy: Mistral and Tonnerre. The work on a third vessel, Dixmude, was launched in April 2009 and a fourth ship may also be built. Read more

Featured article at French Wiki Fairytale bookmark silver.png, translated below[edit]

French aircraft carrier (English Digest)

The future French aircraft carrier as of 2006

PA2 (Porte-Avions 2) is a planned new aircraft carrier developed for the French Navy by Thales Naval France and DCNS from the Thales UK/BMT design for the future British Queen Elizabeth class (formerly CVF). The vessel is planned to displace approximately 70–75,000 tonnes, making it a potential supercarrier, will be based in Toulon, Var, France, and will complement the current French carrier, Charles de Gaulle. Read more in French

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