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I'm Patteroast. My username comes from a name a friend of mine gave me, Patté-roast, when my friends and I were giving each other funny names. My actual name is Patrick Voytasovich, and I'm from Bloomington, Minnesota, USA. I am a scientist at heart, and have a passion for astronomy, geography, and miscellany. My personal website is at I joined Wikipedia on March 26, 2004, and have done work on various topics, however the topics I've looked at the most are astronomy, geography, and meteorology. In those fields, I'm specifically interest in planetary astronomy (especially natural satellites and minor planets), subnational divisions and entities, and tropical cyclones. I created pages for most of the moons discovered since the late 1990's, did a good amount of work on natural satellite, and created the first complete version of Timeline of natural satellites. I have most notable objects in the solar system on my watchlist, as well as current tropical cyclone season articles. I frequently entertain myself by randomly searching through different countries, states, provinces, counties, etc., etc.; occasionally I find some quite old errors in obscure geography articles that most people would never find a reason to visit. I also enjoy the random walk method of browsing Wikipedia, and have found my way into some strange corners of this ever-expanding website.