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--Pattimari Sheets 03:44, 30 November 2012 (UTC) Author Pattimari Sheets has traveled extensively to New York, Chicago and Florida where she enjoyed different cultures, and different environments. During her travels she began a journal, which led her to writing short stories. She achieved her teaching degree with a minor in Psychology, and later went on to achieve her psychology degrees. She worked with ADHD, Autistic, and problem children, family counseling, seminars, workshops and groups. She sat on the board at Family Communication Center. During the writing of her first book she realized that writing was magical. She often shared how her characters’ had life and led the way through dreams and her magical fingers flying across the keyboard, believing it was magical. Since she has written 28 books, and continues to write. Pattimari allows the creative process to develop by always knowing she is still in the learning process and with each book sees improvement. Pattimari believes we all have a book inside of ourselves, and to always cultivate new ideas, new settings, and new characters, while growing and feeling the spiritual part of the inward self is to move onward into the world of writing a story. Featured content in Wikipedia

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'Author, Pattimari Sheets has written 28 books ; Time Heals, Forgiveness Mends, Lydia Between two Worlds, Children Short Stories for all Ages, Different Styles of Poetry, Valley of the Yellow Stone, Valley of the Yellow Stones: The Princess, Sometimes your Greatest Misery is your Greatest Happiness, Traveling Investigators, Desirea,Love is Friendship on Fire, Intriguing Women of the Middle Ages, and ''''Author Peter Cacciolfi and she have written 8 books together; The Mysterious Mystery, The Man in Black, in Space, The White Light, Dancing with our Love, and Within the Winds of Hope, The Wizard's Wizardry & his Travels, Rhyming Children Stories, and the History of Children's Classic Stories.

Pattimari resides in California where she lives with her husband, Peter Cacciolfi who is a writer, retired teacher, has a master's in black belt, and is a Clock & Watch Master. He and Pattimari began writing their first book together; Dancing with our Love, and married. Since, they've written 7 other books and presently still writing in California where they create stories for their readers and fans. They have been featured in ColdCoffee Magazine, UK radio station, and have been featured authors in Lionry Press.

The Mysterious Mystery, Raleigh, N.C, NY: PnPPress & Lulu Publishing, 2012