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For your excellent and dedicated work on the 1956 article, (now FA, hell yeah!!!) I award you the highest Hungarian wiki-honor, the Barnstar of St. Stephen. Great work! K. Lastochka 22:26, 15 October 2006 (UTC)
You have, without a doubt, earned the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 Barnstar Istvan 05:08, 29 October 2006 (UTC)

Welcome From Paul[edit]

When I'm asked what I do for a living, I say "I play with computers." It is accurate and I don't have to explain inequality constraints, slack variables or simultaneous material and capacity feasibility.

I'm probably too old to be fooling around on Wikipedia, but I find it fascinating. The most obvious source of far-reaching changes from the Internet are related to its ability to get a wide range of people together to collaborate. I've been interested in collaboration and self organizing social structures for a long time, and Wikipedia provides the most impressive example of this I have yet seen.

Paul in boxes[edit]

Here's a bit about me (more to come as I find more templates!)

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Paul in numbers[edit]

Wikipedia obsession[edit]

Approximately 6,200 edits as of February 10, 2010 to about 400 wiki pages.

World's smallest political quiz[edit]

World's smallest political quiz

  • Personal Liberty 100%
  • Economic Liberty 100%

Political compass score[edit]

Political Compass

  • Economic Left/Right: 4.63
  • Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.67

P.S. I hate the "Political compass" questionnaire because the questions are loaded with erroneous assumptions and I want to scream "Such a stupid question can't be answered!"

Example. The very first question is: If economic globalization is inevitable, it should primarily serve humanity rather than the interests of trans-national corporations. This assumes that the interests of trans-national corporations and the interests of humanity are different. If you don't agree with the underlying assumption, there is no way to answer the question. If answer you agree,you are saying that muti-national corporations are evil and if you disagree, you are saying "screw humanity." It is a false premise and a sloppy question.

An alternative way of asking this might be: "Economic globalization will be a net benefit to humanity through increased economic activity." The proposition is simple. If you are a capitalist you can agree with it, and if the concept of international commerce make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, you can disagree with it. Alternatively, it could be stated: "Economic globalization primarily benefits large, multi-national corporations to the detriment of the mass of humanity."

A few more contributions[edit]

I made three contributions before I registered. Those edits can be seen here