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UniversityMarquette University
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Hobbiesreading, watching TV series and movies, going on adventures, editing Wikipedia, cooking, computer miscellany (such as Raspberry Pi)
Books1984, The Alchemist, The Little Prince, The Old Man and the Sea, The Pearl, Ready Player One, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes, A Short Stay in Hell, and Siddhartha
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JoinedJuly 5, 2013 (my first edit came before that)

Hi, I'm Paul! I joined Wikipedia in 2013 after having experience with an internal MediaWiki site for an organization I worked for. I enjoy learning and contributing to our wonderful encyclopedia.

It is worth mentioning that I try and save a copy of references that I add or edit when they cannot be archived by The Internet Archive,, WebCite, and/or If you are in search of such a reference that I've cited/updated/etc. and cannot find it in one of these fantastic archival databases, let me know.

My preferred gender pronouns are he/him/his. Why pronouns matter.

My current projects:[edit]

>Very high pending changes backlog: 31 pages according to DatBot as of 04:01, 13 November 2019 (UTC)



Editing projects[edit]

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added missing notes list -- you can help @ [[:Category:Pages with missing references list]]

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I tend to empathize with User:Geo Swan/opinions/If you are considering initiating an xfd on material I started.

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Templates a few Category and Redirect pages

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See User:Paul2520/awards

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  • eunoia is the shortest English word with all five vowels (excluding y)

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  • Does there exist policy (other than WP:RELIABLE) / a list on WP?


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