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Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Paul is a professional writer -- computer manuals to pay the bills and science fiction for pocket money. Among other things, he writes the "Infinite Crossroads" column for Pyramid magazine, which presents alternate histories on a monthly basis. He has read entirely too many history books.

I've been working on Wikipedia articles for donkey's ages, since September 2001 to be precise. I'm particularly proud of the fact that something like a couple of dozen articles I've started have been featured on the main page, though admittedly quite a few of those were long after I put in my two cents -- some so long ago that they pre-date the last major earthquake that messed up the change logs and I've fallen off the bottom. Yeah, that old. Get off my lawn, you damned kids!

Still, you can usually find fossil paragraphs and sentences that date back to my initial whacks at the topics. You can usually tell which ones are mine: I go crazy for colons, semi-colons, brackets and em-dashes.

Among those I've started, or submitted the first really long version of:

After a long period of only small bursts of activity, I'm getting back into the scene. New stuff includes: