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Paul S[edit]

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Paul S is a small time buster of myths concerning the Celts and other ancient peoples. Sometimes this means upsetting people engaged in Nationalist historiography, such as people who are convinced English was spoken in Roman Britain, or that the Atlantic-Celtic origin theory is the One True Way*. He knows little about how to make user pages look nice, although that little Babel box is pretty.

Anyone who needs to talk here in Irish should try translating it into proto-Celtic first; that way it might have a slightly less slim chance of being understood, as the 0 shows - the Gaelic she is indeed small with me.

My other interest is Dark Cabaret. It is possible that I care as much about Wikipedia getting it right as you do about Emilie Autumn (who is not a Dark Cabaret artist - think about it)

*and as of April 2013, upsetting certain goths, on an unrelated matter.