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I'm a PC technician in Columbus, Ohio, and a shameless geek. Shameless to the point that I direct Pen and Paper Gaming at an anime convention (Ohayocon) no less, that right there should give you an idea about my interests.

Aside from that, I have interest in Goth junk, and I used to be an active spamfighter a few years back on alt.gothic. But, like many others, I ended up migrating to LiveJournal.

Mostly my edits are more on pop culture subjects, and really not anything you could call purely academic. No matter, Wikipedia shouldn't be a pissing contest. Really, this place has enough internal issues. Hell, I think Wikitruth is on to something.

I dislike trendy cynicism, and I'm just trying to enjoy myself.


Pages I have created/heavily revised.[edit]