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Welcome to my Wikipedia user page! My interests include Catholicism, music (especially instrumental music; orchestral; jazz; country), cooking, linguistics, philosophy, and computers (esp. Linux and open-source software).

I grew up in Southern California (Los Angeles-Orange County area) and attended Woodrow Wilson Classical High School, graduated valedictorian, and went on to earn my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from California State University, Long Beach. As of August 23, 2010, I am pursuing a vocation to the priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church: as of August 5, 2014, I am a temporarily-professed cleric in the congregation of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary.


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Seeking wiki adoption[edit]

I have participated in a couple of GOCE backlog elimination drives, providing some constructive criticism regarding logistics of running the drives. I would like to get into more substantial editing and article improvement. Religion and philosophy interest me, as well as technical sciences and engineering. I am also interested in other languages and cultures.



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If you are interested my other interests, check out my other userboxes.


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