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Senatorov Pavel Senatorov on Facebook paul.senatorov

ru Русскийродной язык этого участника.
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I'm Pavel Senatorov from Moscow Russia, 1969.07.27. Currenly I'm designing new programming language Ya and writing a compiler, see

I'm Russian, and my page in Russian isУчастник:Pavel_Senatorov - но там ничего не написано кроме как про язык Ya. For unknown reason the link Languages Русский shows info about my last school in Moscow.


In 86 I had finished math school 52 and in 92 I had finished MIPT - Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology - faculty of control and applied math. This institute is considered one of the best in Moscow. In school I started with interest in physics, even winned Moscow olympics by phisics. But engineering was more important. In school I started to explore electronics, later made amplifiers and even once made FM radio with a phase-locked loop. But then programming went ahead - I learned programming in school and it remains for all my life.

After the institute I worked as programmer up to mid 98. In 96 I have written the OCR of screen image - I had an experience in OCR before, because once worked for Ocrus - now unknown company which made OCR for scanned texts, and at time of Ocrus I had made my own OCR for fun, with name Jet Eyes ;). Then I worked for BIT, which is now named ABBYY, because they got my personal OCR to make a serious product, which they really had made and now FineReader is the best OCR for russian texts.

In 98 May-July I worked in States in Florida and one american firm started interesting in my screen recognizer. So I worked for my employer for 2 months and moved to New Jersey to this firm. As a result starting this time I made screen OCR, that turned to become a business, so from 99 to 09 I lived by selling my products Kleptomania and Textract, look at, which feeded me but no becoming a millionaire, max it gave me was $50K/year - that's good for Russia but no millions.

My Programming Language Ya[edit]

Currenly I'm designing new programming language Ya and writing a compiler, see

I tried to make a page Ya (programming language) yet it was removed quickly as Ya is not widely known language yet. It's Wikipedia which prefers to show only widely known info.


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It's a test link to my page: User:Pavel Senatorov

Who knows how to patch it please help.