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About Me[edit]

In scientific tests, 8 out of 10[citation needed] visitors to the Arbitration Committee decided to forget all about it after seeing a picture of this kitten.

I am a graduate student studying theology and Sacred Scripture. In my off time when I am not at school, some of my favorite pastimes are writing and enjoying the great outdoors. I also try to spend as much time as I can with my family and friends.

My hope with Wikipedia is that I can contribute in some small way to this vast and amazing project. So far, I've found that I spend most of my time on the task of copy-editing and vandal fighting.

On 28 June 2015, I decided to overhaul my userpage into something a bit more simple and hopefully a bit more mobile-friendly. It just seemed too Facebookey, rather than focusing on my contributions and such. The same general content is here, just with a different, less intrusive, format.

Subjects of interest[edit]

Science and math[edit]

Quantum mechanics, theoretical physics, mathematics, variable speed of light theory, and stem cell research. Also authors Michio Kaku, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstien (of course!) and João Magueijo.

Social science and history[edit]

American Civil War, Cold War, political science.


Roman Catholic Church and Christianity.

Barnstars and other items[edit]

For barnstars and related WP:Wikilove, please go here.


  • Content creation:
  1.  Working Sacred Scripture (Catholic Church)
  2.  Working The Curse Worker's series by Holly Black
  3.  Working Asteroid to GA

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Favorite essays and miscellany[edit]

To get an idea of my thoughts on various issues Wikipedia-related, you might try taking a look at these pages:

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