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Please don't mess with my currently pathetic user page.

Nothing really to say here. No, my username has nothing to do with passing out paychecks at work or getting paychecks; actually, Paycheck is my nickname. My last name (which I will not disclose here) is often mispronounced. One time, while correcting my teacher on its pronunciation during roll, it was repeated back as Paycheck (which rhymes with my name). Of course, kids started saying "You owe a paycheck" (latter shorten to just “Paycheck”) to irk me. Though I hated the name at first, it eventually grew on me:)

I have been making some minor edits to random pages I come across. I'm currrently working on improving the iCarly page adding tags to a whole bunch of Nick related articles (ugh).

= User boxers[edit]