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Basic Info[edit]

A native of  South Africa 30 Years of age.

Portal Quick Links[edit]

  1. Portal:Plants
  2. Portal:Mathematics
  3. Portal:Physics
  4. Portal:Linguistics
  5. Portal:Birds

Template and Resource Pages[edit]

  1. Plant Article Template
  2. Plant Article Resources
  3. Plant articles that are FA-class
  4. Domestic pigeon task force
  5. Today's AfD's

Contibutions to be made[edit]

  1. Species of South African Flora (and Horticultural Subjects)
    1. Agapanthus inapertus and other Agapanthus species.
    2. Amaryllis
    3. Haworthia
    4. Nerine
    5. Oxalis
    6. Stapelia
    7. Zantedeschia ... et al.
  2. Amaryllid species and stubs
    1. Hippeastrum
  3. Hyacinthaceae
    1. Drimiopsis
    2. Ledebouria