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My open eyes, questioning mind, and sailboat help me discover.

I find new ways to view the world. I also find alternate solutions to problems.

When combining this trait along with a strong belief in supporting the little guy, I frequently disagree with bullies.

Lately: I have discovered a rich Buddhist past in the Philippines. See Tabon Cave

On the political front: It is my position the U.S. Court System is based upon common law. According to common law, individual campaign money given directly to a specific candidate is limited. The Courts cannot make new laws. There is no new campaign law. Giving indirectly to a candidate supports the candidate. Therefore, by the reasonable person test super pacs are illegal. With this in mind, I filed a lawsuit in Guam to enforce FECA. Other duties caused me to withdraw the suit. However, charges can still be brought against illegal donors by any US citizen.

History: I believe civilized man existed far longer than most believe. It is my hobby to locate evidence of ancient man. I have so far discovered cave paintings and the site of a possible ancient temple. I am working in the Sunda Shelf area.

Sailing: I live aboard my sailboat HOT BuOYS. I am a firm believer that that the "traditional" Bermuda rig is the wrong choice for cruising sailors. Instead, I am a proponent of the crab claw sail. I own the world's largest paraw rigged vessel.

Regarding Piracy: Never ever pay. Instead charge. As a sailor, I have an interest in helping to make sailing safer. Any penny given is a billion lost. Any one "saved" is 10,000 more killed. To charge pirates, it is necessary to charge the whole community that raised the evil. In this way the community learn the price of permitting pirates to live freely. Money should be spent against the entire community for 37 years after an untoward incident.

SCUBA: Recently I helped on a 1842 wreck and bringing artifacts to the surface for a future museum for the people of Malaysia.

Current Favorite Quote: Former US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens stated:

"in a functioning democracy the public must have faith that its representatives owe their positions to the people, not to the corporations with the deepest pockets"[1]

Pages I've focused on have been

Findings: Recent finds are mostly at Tabon cave. When I arrived I was told there were no cave paintings. So far I found elephants, dragons, sharks, burial murals, and Manjusri.

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2. Some discoveries I have made pale in comparison to the carved elephants on the ceiling of Niah Cave. However, in today's age, it is perhaps best I never inform the public where these are. Currently man has a habit of destroying things that took hundreds or thousands of years to create. So what do I do with the information? Leave it for a future more responsible generation? I'm not sure, since because I was able to find these places, eventually someone may do the same.

Please leave any messages on my talk page. Be assured I will read any message, however, I don't necessary reply unless there was a specific need.

If I am on a passage I may be off the internet for one month or more. Even when I arrive in "cities" in the Pacific, the internet connection is so slow that I can't get onto a graphic intensive site.

Philip B. Maise

Living a bit dangerously NOT! Quite safe in this photo as I hopefully am while sailing across Pacific.