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What can I say, I've never been great at describing myself. And I'm somewhat averse to the idea, as I don't feel I can adequately reduce my essence to a small set of words. Not that that's what you're expecting. But I'm a perfectionist.

I also dislike maintaining the same information in more than once place. That's why I think you should head over to the profile in my blog if you are really interested in the grubby details.

My dirty secret is that I'm really just a Wikipedia addict, who got an account so he could add each article to his watchlist as he reads them. So I use it as a sort of checklist, to know where I've been. I've really only made minor edits, fixing usage, punctuation, and grammar mistakes (when I see them). Maybe someday I'll get to pruning and caring for a specific domain of this knowledge tree. But right now other projects in my life take priority.

Though I tend to gravitate towards quantum theory (erm, no pun intended), mathematics, history, and Doctor Who.