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This is Pdiddyjr.

I have a Nintendo DS, a Wii, a Game & Watch and a Game Boy Advance. I live in South East England and was born in London. Starting as Peter Brainbox here, I forgot my password and then created my current account (Pdiddyjr)

Man, Mario Slam Basketball is so CONFUSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The people on MarioWiki are really really dumb. They think that it's breaking the rules (they have fixed rules there, unlike here) to revert edits made by a sysop. Just exactly what is so God damn good about sysops compared to normal users??!!

I would prefer it if becoming a bureaucrat was called "being given the spanner" around here.

I must say, East Coast holds the world record for the laziest train operating company. They only provide trolley services to First Class on certain services. And seat reservation prevents you from travelling in First Class accomodation with a Standard ticket!!!!!!!!!!! National Express East Coast weren't as lazy as that! Tell the Department for Transport to strip themselves of their franchise and re-award it to National Express!

I heard that E3 2012 will take place in Los Angeles. LOS ANGELES???!!! Can't it just for once take place in LONDON instead?!

Man, sitting next to Mr Kidd (my tutor) in chapel is a blow to the head! Mr Kidd always taps me to get me to stand up when I'm trying to find my page in the hymnbook. And to make matters worse, he tells me to be quiet in chapel when I clear my throat! I have now learnt to avoid sitting near him in chapel. I also know that if another pupil does something like Mr Kidd's unacceptable behaviour, I will say "Oi! Do you mind?".

You know, I don't see the girls that much now. And I blame the National Minimum Standards for Boarding, because they require that there are separate houses for boys and girls even though it would make no difference if boys and girls were separated by nothing more than different room allocations!

I must say, one of the funniest YouTube Videos i've ever seen is This Is Why Farting Is Illegal In The Mushroom Kingdom. It's about how Mario and Luigi go to Dinosaur land to fly by means of farting, told by Luigi after he gives in to Yoshi continuously saying "Tell Yoshi bedtime story!". Yoshi does it for himself, and guards from Hyrule come in after a siren and an alarm go off. I laughed so hard I farted!

One girl at my school is crazy about Harry Styles, so I say "This is Harry Styles, and this is the Gatwick Express. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8" (using my left index finger for Harry Styles, and my sloping right hand for the Gatwick Express). But for some reason she doesn't like it when I do that. I say it to another girl who's crazy about Justin Bieber, just I substitute "Harry Styles" for "Justin Bieber". I remember when I misspelt Harry Styles's surname with an "i" (so I misspelt it "Harry Stiles").

Remember, Great Britain is a person because it has a body and a head. England and Wales are the body and Scotland is the head.



My other accounts[edit]

Peter brainbox (forgot password, userpage must remain)
SuperHumourMatic21 (humour account)

Reasons why Pdiddyjr should become an administrator[edit]

  • Pdiddyjr has never been blocked or banned on this site and has never had sanctions taken against him, so he can't possibly be causing damage and disruption to Wikipedia.
  • Pdiddyjr will not abuse his rights
  • Pdiddyjr will patroll the site, looking for pages to put up for deletion (if they meet standards for deletion) and IP addresses etc. to block to protect the site from damage and disruption.

Admin responsibilities (and those of higher responsibility ranks)[edit]

Administrators have the following responsibilities:

  • Protecting pages
  • Changing protection level for pages
  • Editing protected pages
  • Deleting pages and files if put up for deletion
  • Restoring deleted pages (files cannot be restored once deleted and must be re-uploaded if wrongfully deleted)
  • Blocking accounts, IP addresses and IP ranges to prevent damage and disruption to Wikipedia
  • Unblocking accounts, IPs and IP ranges if blocked accidentally or blocked in violation of the Wikipedia Blocking Policy.
  • Using a faster way of reverting edits

Bureaucrats have the following responsibilities:

  • Renaming users
  • Promoting users to higher responsibility ranks

Users authorised for CheckUser have the responsibility of looking up a user's IP address, usually if they are suspected to be sockpuppets created to violate the policies of Wikipedia. The Arbitration Comittee, Mr Wales (I call him that) and the Wikimedia Foundation maintain the technical aspects of Wikipedia, and can even ban users. There are also users who are authorised for Oversight and can hide content unsuitable to keep in the edit history.

Scripts of my favourite YouTube Videos[edit]

Some of my favourite YouTube Videos have their scripts here. Note that one of them contains quite a few bad words, so the letters will be replaced with asterisks.

Hotel Mario Intro (all nouns replaced with WRONG):

Mario: Nice of the WRONNNNGGGG!!! to invite us over for a WRONNNNGGGG!!!, eh, WRONNNNGGGG!!!?

Luigi: I hope she made lotsa WRONNNNGGGG!!!!

What would happen if... I phoned Next Level Games?[edit]

Pdiddyjr phones Next Level Games (they give away their number on their site)

Next Level Games unknown person: Hello. This is Next Level Games, a video game developer based in Vancouver.

Pdiddyjr: Can I speak to Mr Tronsgard please?

Phone put through to Douglas Tronsgard, MD of Next Level Games

Douglas Tronsgard: Who is this?

Pdiddyjr: A Brit from England's biggest city and capital of England & Wales.

Douglas Tronsgard: You're from London?!

Pdiddyjr: Well, I was born in London but at the age of 2 I moved further south.

Douglas Tronsgard: Well, WHADYA WANT??!!

Pdiddyjr: I want to tell you that Nintendo really ought to move development of the entire Mario Football series from your company to Silverball Studios.

Douglas Tronsgard: Silverball Studios? Where are they based?

Pdiddyjr: Burford, at the extreme west of Oxfordshire. That's in South East England.

Douglas Tronsgard: Why Burford?

Pdiddyjr: Just let it be. Football wasn't even invented in Canada! It was invented in MY country, not yours!

Douglas Tronsgard: Right, as soon as this is over I'm calling the police for making a prank call!

Pdiddyjr: Well you can't phone the police on me because I don't even live in Canada! I haven't been to Canada at all - I go to South West England for my holidays!

Douglas Tronsgard: Well that doesn't matter, because all the Mario football series is being developed by us!

Pdiddyjr: Mr Tronsgard, Sony should buy you then development will go to Silverball Studios anyway!

Douglas Tronsgard: Well Nintendo can always use another company that's based in another country!

Pdiddyjr: What if Sony buys that as well? Right I'm going, and sell your company to Sony so we get British Mario Football from Oxfordshire! They have the same values as you and MORE, you know! Now Bye Bye! And if Sony absorb you then you will watch your headquarters go BOOM! Or rather, you might...

Pdiddyjr slams down the phone. Tronsgard hangs up the phone and slumps back in his seat, exhausted after a prank call

Douglas Tronsgard: Oh, man. We've never had a prank call before!