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Old Glory blowin' in the wind.
Old Glory blowin' in the wind.
Name Peetlesnumber1
Born August 4
Philadelphia, PA
Nationality United StatesAmerican
Country  United States
Current location PennsylvaniaCheltenham Township, PA
New JerseyOcean City, New Jersey
MaineCasco, Maine
IndianaIndianapolis, Indiana
Time zone Eastern Standard Time
Family and friends
Pets 2 Golden Retriever
Education and employment
Occupation Caddy
Skate Guard
Camp Counselor
Resident Assistant
Intramural Supervisor
Marshal at 2013 US Open
Employer Philadelphia Cricket Club
Wissahickon Skating Club
Netop Summer Camp
Butler University
Education Marketing Major
High school Cheltenham High School '11
University Butler University '15
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Hobbies Golf
Ice Hockey
Movies Back to the Future
A Few Good Men
Silver Linings Playbook
Saturday Night Live
That 70's Show
30 Rock
Books Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
The Catcher in the Rye
Contact info
.Mac Peter Brown Glenside PA
Twitter peterbrown215
YouTube pbrown08226
Signature pb
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Hey Yo! Welcome to my Wikipedia Page! My names Peetlesnumber1 and I love editing Wikipedia. My main interests are in the Sports and Geography categories. However, I do enjoy random articles as well! Any questions or comments, just leave them on my talk page! Thanks!

I like sports. I like the Jersey Shore. I like soft pretzels and wooder ice. I must be from Philly.

Pages I've Started:

Cedarbrook Middle School
Wissahickon Skating Club
Suburban One League
Cheltenham Township Police Department
Glenside Memorial Hall
Keswick Theatre
Arthur Jordan Memorial Hall
Clowes Memorial Hall
List of Butler University Buildings
Cheltenham Avenue

Other Main Pages

Cheltenham High School
Wyncote, PA
Glenside, PA
Upper Darby
Lower Merion
Melrose Park, Pennsylvania
Cheltenham, Pennsylvania
Laverock, Pennsylvania
La Mott, Pennsylvania
Arcadia University, Pennsylvania
Edge Hill, Pennsylvania
Cedarbrook, Pennsylvania
Delaware County, PA
Ocean City, New Jersey
Delaware Valley
Montgomery County, PA
Philadelphia Phillies
Philadelphia Cricket Club
New Jersey
Pennsylvania Railroad World War II Memorial
Glenside (SEPTA station)
Casco, ME
Cumberland County, ME
2007 Philadelphia Phillies season
2008 Philadelphia Phillies season
2009 Philadelphia Phillies season
2010 Philadelphia Phillies season
2011 Philadelphia Phillies season
2012 Philadelphia Phillies season
2013 Philadelphia Phillies season
Jenkintown–Wyncote (SEPTA station)
Butler University
Hinkle Fieldhouse
Holcomb Observatory and Planetarium
Butler Bowl
Thirtieth Street Station
Suburban Station
Pennsylvania Station (New York City)
Pennsylvania Railroad
Elkins Park (SEPTA station)
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania
Melrose Park (SEPTA station)
Golf Association of Philadelphia

Template's I've Created:

Northeast Megalopolis
PIAA Suburban One League
Butler University
Delaware River Port Authority
Philadelphia Catholic League
GAP Charter Clubs
GAP Member Clubs
Official Symbols of the United States
CCSA Member Clubs
2011 Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame
Inter-Academic League
Springfield Township
Lower Merion
Pennsylvania Home Rule Municipalities
2012 Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame
2013 Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame
Upper Darby
NJ County Seats
2014 Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame

Other Main Templates:

Cheltenham Township
Delaware Valley

Four Flags Over Me

Four Radio Stations Over Me

102.9 MGK
"Philadelphia's Classic Rock"
100.7 ZXL
"South Jersey's Rock Station"
102.9 WBLM
"Maine's Classic Rock Station"
"Indy's Only Real Classic Rock"

My Chain of Locations: EarthWestern HemisphereNorthern HemisphereNorth AmericaUnited StatesNortheastern United StatesMid-AtlanticPennsylvaniaDelaware ValleyMontgomery CountyCheltenham TownshipGlenside

My absolute favorite time of the year is definitely Memorial Day Weekend. Even though it is only three days, it is still a great time of the year. First and foremost, it gives us time to remember all those who sacrificed so much for our freedom. Second, the pool at the Philadelphia Cricket Club opens, and I love to go swimming, as well as playing golf, and tennis on the grass courts, as they too open on Memorial Day Weekend. I also enjoy watching the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday. Occasionally, I'll take a day trip to our beach house in Ocean City, New Jersey. Throughout the weekend, I tune into the Philly 500, the annual countdown of the top 500 classic rock songs of all time. It begins on 3:00 PM on the Friday of the weekend, and continues throughout the weekend, until usually around 2:30 PM on Memorial Day when the #1 song is played (usually Stairway to Heaven). But best of all, Memorial Day means school is almost over, and that summer has officially begun!

Advance to St. Charles Place. If you pass Browns, collect Donuts!

Website URL
Sporcle User:pbrown
YouTube User:58 Morningside
Sporcle #2 User:Netop

Some Selected Pictures I've Taken
For the complete collection, click on the link below

Union Station, Los Angeles. "The Last of the Great Railway Stations."


Sport Teams Philadelphia Total New York Total
Football Eagles-Giants 75 82
Football Eagles-Jets 9 0
Football Eagles-Yanks 2 0
Football Yellow Jackets-Giants 5 7
Football Yellow Jackets-Yankees 0 1
Football Yellow Jackets-Stapletons 2 1
Basketball Sixers-Knicks 240 189
Basketball Sixers-Nets 4 4
Basketball Warriors-Knicks 86 75
Hockey Flyers-Rangers 117 119
Hockey Flyers-Islanders 126 92
Baseball Phillies-Mets 475 417
Baseball Phillies-Yankees 12 12
Baseball Phillies-Giants 640 755
Baseball Phillies-Dodgers 595 938
Baseball Athletics-Yankees 445 655
Total (sports) 2833 3347
Countries Founded United States (United States) 1 0
Grand Total 2834 3347

My Wikipedia Commons Page

I am Peetlesnumber1 and I LOVE Netop!!!!!