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The Signpost
23 October 2017
Baturraden overview from ridge, Purwokerto, 2015-03-23.jpg
A panoramic view of the Baturraden mountain resort on the slope of Mount Slamet in Central Java, Indonesia. Named for a legend about star-crossed lovers, a manservant (Batur) and noblewoman (Raden), the site features views of Mount Slamet and the nearby city of Purwokerto. Although marketed for ecotourism, it also features a mini-train, paddleboats, a water slide, and a pool.
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Been here a while now, on and off. I mostly enjoy dealing with the technical aspects of Wikipedia, though I will of course add content when it is within my field of expertise. But mostly it's about improving the users experience, be it through disambiguation, visual improvements of drawings, or vandalism-cleanup.

Links to stuff I'm working on[edit]

Copy-paste text for fast disambiguation[edit]

  • Disambiguation link repair - [[Wikipedia:Disambiguation pages with links|You can help!]]
  •  (biology)|
  •  (Dragon Ball)|
  • Prison cell|

Pages in need of attention[edit]

During my work on disambiguation or during general wikipedia browsing, I have found these pages that I want to give some attention. They'll be listed here so I don't forget about them before I have a large enough continous free time-block to do something about them. Once a page has been done, it will be removed from the list (ideally it should stay empty):

Semi-adopted disambiguation pages[edit]

Having cleaned these out, I might as well visit them every now and then to nip new build-ups in the bud:

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