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This page contains several lists, under many topic headings, that may or may not be indicative of my particular interests, may or may not be things i've come across in what i've been reading, and may or may not be existing articles.

I may appreciate if someone created the missing pages. I've added some to Requested articles but many (most) haven't been.

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Missing articles[edit]

Living things[edit]


Sign languages[edit]



Mean estimated dietary exposure to pesticide residues for adult males (25–34 years) as a percentage of the ADI, based on mean analytical results. Highest first:

The detected pesticide residues for which dietary exposure for all age groups was less than 0.2% of the ADI were: acephate, azinphos methyl, bifenthrin, captan, chlorfenvinphos, chlorothalonil, total DDT6, dimethoate, endosulfan, fenoxycarb, fenthion, maldison, metalaxyl, methidathion, methoprene, o-phenylphenol, permethrin, pirimicarb, pirimiphos-methyl, propiconazole, pyrimethanil and tetradifon. 6 Total DDT is the sum of p,p’ & o,p’ DDD, p,p’ & o,p’ DDE, and p,p’ & o,p’ DDT

Pesticides used in dipbaths by tickies (dip workers) at dipsites to attack the Cattle Tick, Boophilus microplus:

Pesticide residue found in tea[edit]

  • Choice September 2003
  • Teas from Supermarkets in Australia. Residues of:

fenvalerate - bifenthrin - permethrin - dicofol - endosulfan sulphate - phosalone - ethion - cypermethrin - op-DDT - chlorfenvinphos - isoxathion - chlorphyrifos - fenitrothion - prothiophos

  • German teas were found with timber preservative: pentachlorophenol (PCP)
  • Citrus herbal teas in germany were found with thiabendazole (fungicide). Found in Twinings (Cranberry, Raspberry & Elderflower).
  • Teas with more than 20x the MRL (Maximum Residue Limit) for cypermethrin: Formosan green and black teas, Red Seal Green Tea.
  • All Clear (Black): Daintree, Harris, Home Brand, Lipton, Madura Tea, Nature's Cuppa, Nerada, No Frills
  • All Clear (Green): Healtheries, Madura Tea, Nature's Cuppa, Nerada, Planet Organic, Teas of Ceylon, Tetley, Toyono
  • (brands with pesticide residue in other categories have been deleted from all clear lists, to lessen confusion)

Top beers (Choice magazine)[edit]


Mulla Mulla[edit]

Mulla Mulla, Mulla mulla

Carnivorous plant[edit]

Cranial Osteopathy[edit]

homeopathy / homeopathic medicine[edit]

oven cleaner[edit]


Shirin Ebadi[edit]


"All sciences begin in metaphor and end in algebra" - Max Black

Places and Parks[edit]


Reusing water bottles[edit]



Tumor Markers[edit]

Tumor marker

Organic foods[edit]

lovaas technique[edit]

animal behaviour[edit]




- discursive - corpora - problematic (noun) - central problematic (of a theory): enduring focus - conceptual syntax - cosmoramic - semiotic (semiotic mediation) - antithetical - intertexuality - object dialog (vs meta-dialog) - endotropic theory(ies): centred onto their own object of study, isolating it from all else. - exotropic: "dynamic open system". Allows different angles of attack? - "middle voice" (Halliday 1994) - autogamous - autogenetic - interstices (interstix?) - intra-subjective phenomenon / Intrasubjectivity (vs Intersubjectivity?) - etiology - interactant(s) - panopticon [1] - lexicogrammar - realizationally: "realizationally implicated" - habitus: linguistic habitus - to dialog (verb) - construal - phonology - invidious class relations - expository - percept(s) - paralinguistic - SF: Systematic Functional - MSS: material situational setting - RU: rhetorical units

Mental Illness[edit]

Random Quotes[edit]

  • "We should have total convinction in our own spiritual path along with perfect respect towards other truths" - Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama
  • steam takes up about 16,000 times more space than water.

Schools, Fraternities, Organisations[edit]

more randomness[edit]

Life and death[edit]

Korowai tribes[edit]

Nuclear power[edit]

So what, we should leave it to people who don't know how to spell millisievert and picocurie? Gene Nygaard 22:11, 4 March 2006 (UTC)
That was the transcriber's fault, not the speaker. The quote is from a spoken interview. —Pengo talk · contribs 14:29, 15 August 2006 (UTC)

Alternative currencies[edit]





Microfinancing online[edit]

Microfinance, Microcredit

Social networks[edit]

social network, trust network

Social emotions and functions[edit]

Governing social behaviors, also biologically based and characteristic of most mammalian social species, including wolves and vampire bats:

Appear to be part of an overall program of bioregulation:

Seven universal evolutionary emotions visible on face:

Highly specialized brain functions, not general-purpose capacities:

  • our ability to recognize facial expressions,
  • intentions and emotions,
  • our ability to make friends,
  • our sense of loyalty and
  • protectiveness,
  • our ability to detect injustice,
  • calculate our own self-interests,
  • create a new language


  • ability to evaluate the quality of a social relationship


Social network role[edit]

e.g. enforcer, maven, truth-teller, evangelist

ODE alternatives[edit]

Dynamical simulation / Physics engine / Game physics

3D lighting[edit]

See also:

Video software[edit]

"PARC school"[edit]

Visionary in Design Technology for Education and Creativity (ViDTEC) Themes:

People and organisations:




Biotech areas of interest[edit]

Biotech, Bioinformatics


CRM114 [20]

Criteria for categorization of data can be by satisfaction of regexes, by sparse binary polynomial matching with a Bayesian Chain Rule evaluator, a Hidden Markov Model, or by other means.

This tool comes with a 275-page book in PDF format, and needs every one of those pages.

Space animals[edit]

Odd theories[edit]

Jacques Bertaux, Bertaux, French sedimentologist: alternating layers of big/small particles

Reversible computing[edit]

Reversible computing



Bottom Trawling[edit]


LCD monitor:


  • B(circle)5D 29: shot button + dial + multi-shot + stabilizer button
  • B 5D

Game genres[edit]

Video game genre


Commercial worms:

Agricultural worms in .au (mostly European):

Other species:



Misc II[edit]

Misc III[edit]

Misc IV[edit]

Evo Devo[edit]

Evo Devo

Seed saving[edit]


Fishing gear[edit]

(highest impact to lowest)

  1. Scallop dredge, dredge
  2. Seafloor trawl, Seafloor trawler, or "deep sea bottom trawling" (greenpeace)
  3. Seafloor-set gillnet, Seafloor gillnet
  4. Seafloor-set longline, Seafloor longline
  5. Driftnet gillnet
  6. Drifting longline
  7. Beach seine net, Beach seine
  8. Dropline
  9. Pots and traps (pot, trap)
  10. Trolling
  11. Lampara net (Lampara)
  12. Purse seine net
  13. Dive fisheries, dive fishery
  14. Handline and rod and reel (fishing rod)
  15. Squid jig


More listed:





acceleration glove[edit]


Misc V[edit]

Misc VI[edit]

Misc VII[edit]

Misc VIII[edit]

Missing plants[edit]

Plant species often found in books:

  1. Nicotiana glutinosa (Solanaceae, Solanales) -- tobacco. Nicotiana
  2. Scirpus lacustris (synonym) = Schoenoplectus lacustris (Cyperaceae, Poales) - Scirpus
  3. Larrea divaricata (Zygophyllaceae, Zygophyllales) - Larrea
  4. Begonia semperflorens (synonym) = Begonia cucullata - clubed begonia (Begoniaceae, Cucurbitales) - Begonia
  5. Nicotiana plumbaginifolia - Tex-Mex tobacco (Solanaceae, Solanales) - Nicotiana
  6. Pelargonium zonale - Horseshoe geranium (Geraniaceae, Geraniales) - Pelargonium
  7. Cola nitida - Großer Kolabaum (Malvaceae, Malvales) - Cola (plant)
  8. Sterculia urens (Malvaceae, Malvales) - Sterculia

We have these plants already but not these synonyms:

  1. Dolichos biflorus (synonym) = Macrotyloma uniflorum - Horse Gram (Fabaceae, Fabales)
  2. Pseudotsuga taxifolia, synonym for Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesii (Lamb.) Britton -- but has other subspecies synonyms
  3. Hordeum spontaneum (Poaceae, Poales) -- Barley synonym

Misc IX[edit]