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I'm new here, but now i've gotten rollback, so i feel like i'm a more active user having been given these rights. Still, i'm not going to go overconfident and i ask that if i make a mistake while editing or anything, please, do point it out to me and i will due my best not to make the same mistake.

My Favorite Things[edit]

Magic: The Gathering[edit]

I like Magic:The gathering. I run a red, goblin based deck. My favorite goblin is Goblin Warchief.Vampire Aristocrat is freaking insane in my new, black, vampire deck too! My favorite colors are red (of course) and black. White's ok, but I never really got into green or blue, but I prefer blue to green. To sum it up, in order, my favorite colors are:Red,Black,White, Blue, Green. And I LOVE VAMPIRE CARDS!!! I NEED SORIN!!!

Video Games[edit]

I like to play the new Smash Bros. too, the new Mario Kart is AMAZING, and Nintendo's Motion Sensor Technology is pretty amazing. Personnally, I've been moving more towards the Microsoft end of the spectrum lately though(RESIDENT EVIL 5 TILL DEATH!!!) Overall, I love all video games, including Tetris, Pac-Man, all the old games, Street Fighter 2 is amazing, ehh, I love video games.

My favorite quotes ever[edit]

"I know not what weapons World War III will be fought with, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

In modern Russian, the phrase Poydi tuda, ne znayu kuda, prinesi to, ne znayu chto (Russian: Пойди туда, не знаю куда, принеси то, не знаю что - Go I Know Not Whither and Fetch I Know Not What) refers (usually with irony) to a poorly defined task.

Other Interesting things[edit]

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