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Smallville episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 13
Directed by Robert Singer
Written by Philip Levens
Production code 113
Original air date February 26, 2002
Recurring/Guest appearances

Kavan Smith as Wade Mahaney
Evangeline Lilly as Wade's Girlfriend

Episode chronology
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Kinetic is the 13th episode of the first season of the WB original series, Smallville. The episode was written by Philip Levens and was directed by Robert Singer. It originally aired on February 26, 2002.


{{spoiler}} Whitney falls in with ex-jocks led by as Wade Mahaney (Kavan Smith) who have become thieves whose Kryptonite-saturated tattoos alter their molecular structure so they can pass through walls. They use this ability to rob banks and Lex's mansion.


Evangeline Lilly from Lost (TV series) has a minor role as Wade's Girlfriend.


Chloe: Clark Kent, investigative reporter. Has a nice ring to it.[1]

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