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Yo. I thought since I waste so much time reading talk pages on wikipedia for drama and hilarious idiots, I decided to make a user, see what it's like to be a part of this great effort to make knowledge more accessible/allow those who pose a health risk to people with nut allergies to make their ignorance widely known. I am an avid user of Conservapedia - it's hilarious! I'm religious,and I believe that science does not contradict religion at all. Not in the creationist science kind of way, more in the "Religion Is Not Science" kinda way, so: ⊥∀₭∑ ∫⊥ ∃ℤ ฿ℝ∅

I enjoy dancing, reading, martial arts, guitar playing, and the noise baby porcupines make when you hold them. Feel free to holla at me if you like my stuff, or if you wish to pay me much deserved tribute.

Terrorists blow towers and Israeli shopping centres – I prefer to blow minds.

 This user believes that drinking enough, sleeping enough, smiling enough, exercising enough and loving enough are the key to a good life. (This user also believes in God, and that respecting other's spiritual beliefs, even if they have none, is a must in this world.)

Lightnings sequence 2 animation-wcag.gif This user really enjoys dark and stormy nights.
EcKARI p-domain NADPH.png
This user is interested in
File:AM WHAT.png This user is an ANGRY MARINE who serves the EMPRAH on the Litany of Litany's Litany
Avdul This user has learned, over a great deal of time, that the only way to defeat water/mist/sword/bullet/coffin is to burn it!

Hw-darwin.jpg This user accepts evolution as a biological fact.
Male pink.svg This user is male, straight, and has no problem wearing pink. HeteroSym lime pink.svg
Crystal mind.jpg This user values reason
over faith.
Sudoku-by-L2G-20050714.svg This user is an avid sudoku player.
Black pan with stir-fried vegetables (broccoli, onion, red pepper).jpg This user enjoys cooking.
Hopton beach in 2003.jpg
This user likes going to the
NO United Nations This user does NOT support the United Nations.
This user is interested in counter-terrorism.
Bust of Zeus.jpg This user is interested in Greek mythology.
Stilles Mineralwasser.jpg This user exercises regularly and drinks a lot of water to stay hydrated.
Arubasunset 2.jpg This user is interested in the belief that the Meaning of life is to Improve Oneself.
Okrent's Law This user believes that the pursuit of balance can create imbalance because sometimes something is true.
Folie 2007.jpg
This user doesn't invoke conspiracy as explanation, when ignorance and incompetence will suffice.
Rod of Asclepius2.svg This user is interested in medicine.
BYHD This user is going to BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN with lemons!
TF2 This user's a spy!!
Le Parkour Precision jump.jpg This user does Parkour!
Swimming pictogram.svg This user is a swimmer.
Judo01cropped.jpg This user is a Judoka.
Rotating earth (large).gif This user enjoys sampling cuisines from all over the world.
Granny smith apple.jpg This user eats Granny Smith apples.
Pineapple victoria dsc07770.jpg This user loves to eat pineapples.
K This user observes the laws of Kashrut.
H This user eats Halal foods.
Pale Ale.jpg
This user has never encountered a style of beer he doesn't like.
HN This user is the Keeper of The Seven Keys.
🎸 This user plays the guitar.
PC-0 This user is politically incorrect.
File:TinyCaim.jpg This user is a big fan of a certain mute dragonriding murderologist, EMPIRE HYENAS!!!

Worldview quiz results[edit]

This is what I got. 90% accurate, I'd say.

You Scored as Cultural Creative Cultural Creatives are probably the newest group to enter this realm. You are a modern thinker who tends to shy away from organized religion but still feels as if there is something greater than ourselves. You are very spiritual, even if you are not religious. Life has a meaning outside of the rational.

Cultural Creative