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uk Українська мова для цього користувача є рідною.
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Ю́рій Перога́нич (in Ukrainian)

My real name is Yuri Perohanych. I live in Kyiv, Ukraine.

I am the initiator of creation and founder of Wikimedia Ukraine. I am also (and it is my main paid job) the General Director of the Association of IT Enterprises of Ukraine.

I am the lawyer (Master of the International Law), the engineer, the economist, the matematitian and the programmer. I have some knowledge in the international transport law, information society national strategies and some experience in governing NGOs and in the web development.

I have created a dosen of web-sites for NGOs using the Drupal and MediaWiki CMS.

There is more information about me at uk:User:Perohanych (in Ukrainian) and at m:User:Perohanych (in English)