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23 June 2017

Perry Middlemiss (real name) is a reader, writer and weblogger based in Melbourne, Australia.

Current projects[edit]

1. Expanding the author and book links associated with the Miles Franklin Award and other major Australian literature awards

2. Increasing the pages dealing with Australian literature, and expanding the links associated with them

3. Australian cricket.

Articles created[edit]


  • Timelines of cities in Australia

Australian literature[edit]

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Useful links[edit]

  • Category:Articles with unchecked bot-modified external links
  • Category:All articles with links needing disambiguation
  • Special:PendingChanges

To Do[edit]

High importance[edit]

  • Author pages
  • A.B. Paterson - Add missing poems to wikisource
  • "The Garden of Pan" - painting by Burne-Jones - add a copy of the painting
  • The Readings Prize for New Australian Fiction
  • The Readings Children's Book Prize



Regular checks


  • Definitions of Best bowling in an innings and Best bowling in a match
  • Controversies in Australian cricket
  • List of Australian Test cricket records against Zimbabwe
  • List of international cricket five-wicket hauls at ... (stadiums)
    • MCG (started)
    • SCG
    • Adelaide Oval
    • Gabba
  • List of years in Australia ODI cricket (started)
  • Add references to List of cricketers called for throwing in major cricket matches in Australia


  • High priority tasks:
  • Other specific poems
    • Kendal: "Araluen", "Beyond Kerguelen", "The Hut by the Black Swamp", "September in Australia"
  • Low priority tasks:
    • Fix the Leigh Brackett solar system problem.
    • Fix A Bretram Chandler bibliography.
    • Add list of literary larrikins to the Larrikin page.
  • Author pages to be completed now:
    • Allen Afterman
    • Sydney Bauer
    • Emily Bulcock
    • Alan Carter
    • Emily Coungeau
    • Sandra Hall
    • Gertrude Hart
    • Grant Hervey
    • Marion Miller Knowles
    • Louis Lavater
    • Edward Booth Loughran (1850-1928)
    • Ella McFadyen
    • Mark McKenna
    • Grace Ethel Martyr
    • James L. Michael (1824-1868)
    • Ethel Mills
    • Patrick Moloney (1843-1904)
    • Rod Moran
    • Alex Palmer
    • Clarinda Parkes
    • John Tighe Ryan
    • M. L. Skinner
    • J. M. Walsh
  • Author pages to be completed when authors are more widely known or win an award:
    • John Charalambous
    • Nick Gadd
    • Kate Legge
    • Fiona McFarlane
  • Novel pages to be completed:
    • Finish short story collections by Thea Astley
    • Finish novels by Tom Keneally
  • Literary Award pages
    • Western Australian Premier's Book Awards
  • Years in Australian literature
    • 1968-1999
    • 2000
    • 2016


  • Timeline of Bendigo


Sandbox - List of Australia One-Day International cricket records against Sri Lanka ((ongoing))

Sandbox1 - Templates

Sandbox2 - Cricket - List of Australian Test cricket records against Zimbabwe ((ongoing))

Sandbox3 - author template

Sandbox4 - poem template

Sandbox5 - book template

Sandbox6 - 2016 in Australian literature ((ongoing))

Sandbox7 - 1970s in Australian literature ((ongoing))

Sandbox8 - List of international cricket five-wicket hauls at Sydney Cricket Ground ((ongoing))

Sandbox9 - 1800s in Australian literature ((ongoing))