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About Me[edit]

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I have reverted vandalism 27 times I fight Vandalim :) :) :):) :) :) :) :)


I FINALLY PASSED THE 2000 EDIT MARK! My Total edits(including this one) total at 2011 edits.

Picture of the Day[edit]

Picture of the day
Moros, Zaragoza

Moros is a municipality in the province of Zaragoza, Spain. Located in the Sistema Ibérico mountain range, the village lies on a hill, with the church and former town hall at the top, the residences in the middle, and the sheep pens at the bottom. The population of Moros has been steadily decreasing in recent decades, and was 478 in 2006.

Photograph: Diego Delso
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Tip of the Day[edit]

Tip of the day...
Searching Wikipedia with regular expressions (regex)

To search all of Wikipedia using regex, you need to download the Wikipedia database and do the search offline with AutoWikiBrowser's Database Scanner. Activate it from the tools menu in AutoWikiBrowser (AWB). It returns the names of the pages that match your query, which you can have sent directly to AWB's list maker (then you can use AWB to view them all). The Database Scanner has many features, and each query can be easily configured to match, exclude, specify namespaces, ignore redirects, etc. as you see fit.

To a lesser extent, regex (regular expressions) can be used online to search Wikipedia in the following ways:

  • To search Wikipedia titles with regex, use Grep.
  • WikEd, the full-featured Wikipedia integrated text editor for Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome web browsers, can do regex searches within the current page (in the edit window). Enable WikEd from your user Preferences in Gadgets.
  • AutoWikiBrowser can do regex search/replaces, on a list of articles that you provide it.
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Regular expression (regex)  
AutoWikiBrowser (AWB)  
WikEd help  
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